Steering life back on track

May 27, 2019

Steering life back on track

by , May 27, 2019


Steering life back on the right track

Life can be complicated. And for women in midlife, things can go well for a while, and then, from nowhere, you get stuck in a challenge. Occasionally such surprise alone is sufficient to throw anyone into a tailspin, ending up losing control and focus. No matter the situation, with a little bit of focus, we all are capable of straightening out and steering our life back on the right track.

There is a lot that can set us off our path of choice, but getting your life back is simple in theory. Doing so only necessitates two things: Focus and Goal. Putting both into practice can be harder than it seems.

Many times,I hear women in midlife complain about their unfulfilled dreams because others are doing their best to ensure they fail. Well, there is always competition; and life itself would be boring without it. The focus is the one thing that is common to every single successful person.

As a woman in midlife, it is one thing to know what you want, and it is another to keep the vision alive. I am sure you made several mistakes in  the past. You need to stay driven, have a revelation, and find out what you want  in life. In life, you need to sit down and plan how you want to achieve your goals step by step is going to be your approach. Once your plan is perfected, your success is you get and what you deserve. Now things are steering in the right direction.

In some way, you end up lost; you still have the plan, but no longer follow it. You may have lost your focus, even if it was only for a few seconds. But here you are, discovering that now what steering your life is far-off from the goal you set for your self. Just a second of distraction is all it takes, to take your focus off the finish line. 

Staying focused for more prolonged periods requires practice. A lot of women fail to realize this aspect and lose focus in the end. The trick is to hold longer and avoid losing attention, and if it happens, always steer yourself back towards the right path. There are several motives why we lose focus, but dropping off your track is never the end of the road; if you spin out of control, grab the wheel, set your sight on where you want to be and move in that direction.

You may be unable to straighten out promptly due to all the forces around, working against you. But set your sight and focus locked on the finishing line and you will 100% get there. If you desire success, then you must remain focused. When you maintain steering your life forward your mind will stay clear of its reality providing you get into action, and head on the right path.

Sure, we may exit when things are hard to focus with countless distractions present everywhere, but that is part of the task, you need to resolve it and breakthrough. If you seek other women who have became successful through midlife, you will notice they all had Focus and Self-Belief in common. Once you connect with them you are halfway there. One of the saddest things these days is wasted talent, and with the way several women dilute their ability and time with bullshit, it seems we would have more “what-ifs” and “could-have-been” in the nearest future.

Learning to steer your life and focus on your goals they all comes down to self-discipline, and knowing what the right direction to go in.


Overcoming embarrassing moments

Embarrassing moments? Yes, we all have them! Whether it is something unfitting or socially obstinate, I can assure you we all have had our moments. For some, it can be hard to handle, especially if you are an over- thinker, dealing with the emotional outcome can be draining!

Over the years, I have found some useful tips and tricks for overcoming embarrassing moments, and it has changed my approach and perspective towards such situations.

These tips have impacted me from experience, and I hope they can be helpful to you too.

  • Avoid overthinking: From time to time, we turn out to be so self-conscious and stuck in overthinking, that we create something much more significant than what it is. It is very likely folks around you do not even notice because everyone is so busy with themselves!


  • Enjoy a Good Laugh: A times when it is worth being relaxed, own up to your mistake and enjoy a good laugh. You do not have to be so serious about everything! Learn from it, enjoy a good laugh, and move on!



  • Have sympathy for yourself: Ok, yes, it might not sound cool, but for the longest time, we are used to leaving the idea of ‘self-love.’ We often get to hear the quote ‘just love yourself,’ but how is it done? Habitually when we experience some embarrassing moments, we turn out to be our own worst critics filled with feelings of anger, guilt, or shame.



  • This turns out to be damaging when we begin taking in negative thoughts. With time, these impact confidence, and limits you from attaining full potential! You can overcome embarrassing moments by providing some sympathy towards yourself.



  • Mistakes in life do not define you: Some embarrassing moment can feel so disturbing as it remains fixed in your mind. Making some separation between you and the moment is beneficial. Doing something embarrassing is not cool, but never let one moment define you!



  • Reflect about the situation: We never would tell our friends about the nasty things we say to ourselves about them! Now, apply such compassion and kindness to yourself. Most of all, forgive yourself! It is fine to be a little awkward when having some embarrassing moments. But it is not okay to spend the next few hours or weeks worrying about it.



  • No matter what happens, you should always thoroughly accept and love yourself. By making such positive atmosphere, we own up to stuff and mistakes. This is vital since mistakes are inevitable for growth and learning.



  • Stop welcoming contrary ideas: To be honest, overthinking can be a killing, and it is a waste of energy and time! It can be hard, but you have to let it go. All I am trying to say is avoid entertaining negative thoughts! They do not deserve your energy and time. Move on!


The most significant tip here is that embarrassing moments are inevitable in life, and while we may not always be prepared for them, we still have control over our thinking and reaction. By producing a more optimistic bond with oneself and electing to hold thought patterns that make you better, these moments can make you a better and stronger woman! Healing yourself emotionally, physical and spiritual is a midlife awakening.





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