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Women Are having  Conversations about how they can coming alive again in a place called midlife.

This is a  time where you can exchange a midlife crisis for a midlife makeover. The term midlife crisis,  although it’s most often used to define behaviour that seems questionable, to re-evaluate your life and gather up the courage to make changes is a healthy and productive way. It’s certainly one that you can do gracefully and with intention. Now is the time to make sure that the life you live is one you will look back on fondly.

Having the purpose, the vision and the help to make all things new in midlife is  your second chance to have it your way. As Mid lifer women we need help to navigate the sometimes twists and turns in life while keeping our hearts and spirits intact and aligned. Connecting to a community of people can lead to strong and rewarding friendships that last a lifetime.

Having positive friends not only improve the quality of your life, but also help you have a longer life. Finding friends that are supportive women offers you the chance for talking, sharing, and venting frustrations within your safe group.

So here is what we will do eliminate the crises from our life with a midlife makeover, and explore all the things that you aren’t too old to do.

First,  We are going to make a plan:
Consider everything from where you would like to live, the kind of career or business you will have , the group of friend you will have , where to shop, where to eat and how to spend your free time. Get a journal and write,  if I could become any vision of myself then who would I like to be. Describe yourself well with clarity, write down what you will have for breakfast to what your goals for your life are.
Take small steps to get where you want to go, tell yourself you will do yoga instead of the exercise others do. How about a smoothie once a day? You know what I'm getting at and where I’m headed -  get healthy and stay healthy. How about a walk a day - If that does not work for you how about finding a way to make it happen, water instead of soda and it may take you time to get to where you want to be and that's ok. One day at a time and one stop at a time.

Second, Throwaway those old bad habits .
Creating new habits and leaving old one behinds is hard when you are just getting started with the new you. Step back take a look at you and your life and make a note to yourself as to what needs to change.
Do your habits of doing things, saying things, the way you deal with your relationship, your health, your social life need reassessing? Are you addicted to one really bad habit and you need to lose it like yesterday?  If you find you have a problem don't stop until you find help, support group, program, coach or doctor, Which ever is needed that will help you lose the habit.
Its always easier and you feel more comfortable when you can relate with others who are close in age. That makes it easier to relate since they share similar experiences and  stages in life. It’s a good time to expand your social community. Look on line and locate groups you can join and that you relate to.

Third, Finding Joy in Living and Loving Life:
This step is easy and hard because change is not so easy to do, but once done it can be oh so easy to keep up.  Look for joy and appreciation where every it can be found. Finding joy can be so simple as a cup of coffee out with a new friend, A walk in the park to clear your thought getting an adventurous book to read, Take time to take in a little joy in the world. Doing the least little thing can help you pickup on new ways of doing thing.
Although it feels like happiness should come easily, it might not always come automatically. Work for joy and recognize its rewards. Getting motivated and connecting  with the right group and people your potential is great for turning your life around. Its up to you to define the life you want to live. Make the most of it by challenging yourself to enjoy new experiences.

Your next chapter can be filled with unlimited WOW”S if you just let it happen, When you get back more in your second half than you had in the first half of life that's a BIG WOW. Just to find a new friend, a new bow, wow. Just getting on a healthy eating plan, changing how you cook, eliminating sugar or sweets for a while will change how you manage your weight a big wow.

Giving yourself years to your life by dealing with issue and not letting it frustrate you or stress you out, Put a stamp of solution on it taken care of. Go from negative to positive people and things in your life so that you can have a chose of how you want to build your life. So here are some tips for you to put into practice.  

FIRST: You will be making a positive plan for your life that brings you joy.

Second: You will be throwing away old habits and old ways out the window.

Third: Fall in love with yourself from top to bottom.

Fourth: Let your spirit self know you're not to old to start something new.

Fifth: Come alive ready to live again exchanging your midnight for daylight

Sixth: Make a comment to thrive according to your value and expectation.

Seventh: Know that you are loving, kind and beautiful.

Eighth: Keep moving pass the past changing anything and everything negative.

Ninth: Becoming emotionally happy with your self and life, go to a movie or lunch.

Tenth: Comment to getting what you want and don't stop until it’s your.

Life’s to short for taking bull crap from life and people so today it ends and a new start begins SO WHERE WILL IT BE.





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