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I’m Dorothy May Ross, CEO of Women Rocking Life, Co-author of Bouncing Back in Thriving & Changing Times and creator of online training program Reinventing Yourself in Midlife and Beyond. More importantly though, I'm a wife and a mother to 3 incredible sons.

So, who am I? Well, over the years I have tried my hand at so many different things and when time for retirement came I had not found what I wanted to do with the second half of my life. I was used to having a busy life and I loved the idea of doing something different with my life I just didn’t know what that was going to be.

I was looking to discover what would be fulfilling and satisfying for me once I retired. With 33 years in the paint industry I loved my job yet I knew if I didn't have a plan for the next chapter in my life I would be looking to go back to where I came from, back to corporate America.

I remembered something I heard and learned a long ago - that to have a smooth road to follow and a bright light that leads the way you have to create it, not discover it - to concentrate on it, believe in it, learn it and place it in your heart. 

We have to go from Inspiration (creative) to Revelation (revealing),  and avoid carelessness in life as we move toward what we desire. It’s also important to keep your eyes open for distractions and negativity, keeping the vision alive.

The thing to remember is that we have the opportunity with each new day to create the beginning of our “next chapter” and we get to do it step-by-step as we see it. We get to be life changers who design our own lives.

I now leverage the wisdom I have acquired from my life experiences to be a light and resource to help other people change what life has torn down in their lives and to recreate it new as they see it.

I help those that have faced or are facing traumatic life circumstances to uncover and deal with their hurt, while changing their life in the process, to navigate through life’s many challenges and anticipate what could happen, while solving the challenges as they surface.

I love to see women stepping into the entrepreneurial and creative version of themselves and am dedicated to their success, both in their business and personal lives. Working with me means love, compassion and a readiness to help move you to the next level, whatever that may be!

Lastly, I am a firm believer in giving back to the world and believe that everyone should incorporate that attitude into their daily lives and way of living.

I'm excited to be connecting with you and look forward to seeing what's to come!


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If you'd like to, why not join me on a call to see if maybe I'm the right person to help you with reinventing the next chapter of your life?

Dorothy is a very effective coach and a captivating speaker. 

Her passion to show women they can enjoy and thrive in midlife rings with truth from experience and inspires positive action. I’ve seen her command a large room in an engaging, funny, and heartfelt way. She builds loyalty and commitment to her message whether it is small gatherings or large groups.

I’m very picky and can say with confidence that any conference stage would benefit from engaging her as a speaker – expect a repeat! 

Staci Paley


Staci Paley


“I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Dorothy over the past 9 months and am deeply impressed by her wisdom and presence. She listens deeply, sees into the heart of what’s spoken and responds with compassion and insight. She inspires both through example and encouragement and would be an exceptional coach and mentor.

Mira Rubin


Mira Rubin


Over the past year, I have gotten to know Dorothy May Ross, and I have to tell you I’m very impressed with how she is so knowledgeable and insightful on the topic handling the midlife crisis.

This past August I had the opportunity to hear her in action as She begins to speak to a group of women captivated them with a message of insight and valuable everyday conversation that immediately could apply to everyone listening at this event.

You immediately find yourself nodding your head in agreement when she shares her experience of tackling the midlife crisis. But really blew me away was her expertise and the steps she teaches you to achieve a happy and fulfilling life!

She has an engaging style along with the stage presence that conference organizers want from their keynote speakers. Bottom line – Dorothy was such a hit that anyone that gives her a place on their platform would gladly have her back to speak at their event again.

She is and was just plain awesome!

Barbara Tomlinson


Barbara Tomlinson


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